Saludos Amigos and The Three Callaberos Movie Night! Double Feature!

José Carioca: Have you been to Baía, Donald?
Donald Duck: No.
José Carioca: Well, let’s go!”

The Three Callaberos was always one of my favorites as a kid and I may have been a bit excited to share it with my kids! I knew they would be swept away with the vibrant colors, the music, and dancing! They LOVED every minute of it! My daughter even remembered Jose and Panchito from the Gran Fiesta Tour in Epcot’s Mexican Pavilion. Ya know it’s a good movie for kids when their upset that it’s over and want to watch it all over again.

Both movies take place in South America and was part of the Dept of State’s Goodwill Tour that Walt Disney was commissioned for as part of the Good Neighbor Policy, during WWII. The films feature live action clips of the Disney artists all over the beautiful South American continent, drawing cartoons depicting local cultures and scenery. Both movies are a must see for future Epcot adventures!IMG_E5316

My brother and 2 close friends were in town, so we had a grand fiesta! We made Baked Chicken Taquitos, something the kids have never had before and homemade guacamole, courtesy of my brother. My kids loved helping her Uncle Elijah make Guacamole and Gideon loved eating it. The Taquitos were the perfect start to the night and perfect for little hands too!


Hope you enjoy the movies as much as we do! Adiós!

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