The Jungle Book

“Look for the Bear necessities, the simple bear necessities,
forget about your worry and your strife.” Jungle Book

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One of our family favorites! This was my son’s first viewing of this Classic and he enjoyed it immensely! You know when your 16-month-old is up and dancing that it’s a winner! I appreciate Walt Disney’s personal touches to keep it light hearted and fun compared to the original dark Rudyard Kiplings book.

As the last movie to Walt Disney oversaw, this was an excellent example of his genius. This is an animated musical comedy is filled with unforgettable characters that makes you smile and want to dance to the catchy tunes.

We didn’t have any prickly pears, but we did have bananas and other fruits to make kabobs like Baloo. My kids and I are in the kitchen pretty much all day and they are always excited when I move their tot towers over to the cooking station. My daughter made several beautiful kabobs for our dessert and my son enjoyed sneaking fruit from the plate and eating it when my back was turned.IMG_E6501
I love having the opportunity to introduce my family to different ethnicities thru these movies. Jungle Book is set in India, so we made Tandoori Chicken Kabobs! Little finger and belly approved! We served them with a Cilantro Yogurt Dip and naan. They are very flavorful, but I did decrease the cayenne pepper typically found in these recipes to make it more kid friendly.FSNCE1980

I hope you can look for the Bear necessities, forget about your worry and your strife, and enjoy watching Jungle Book for your next family movie night.

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Hi, I'm Esther. I'm the author of the blog 'A Magical Kingdom called Home'. I'm a LEO wife and stay-at-home mom of 2. I want to share my love for family, food, and Disney thru weekly movie night fun!

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