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My kids liked this collection of musical shorts, but I felt their attention span wander after the first two or three. My husband and I really enjoyed it, we grew up watching several of the shorts and loved reliving our childhood.  ‘Make Mine Music’ is very remnant to Disney’s ‘Fantasia’. Lots of classical music and stories told thru cartoon shorts. One of my favorites growing up was ‘The Whale who wanted to Sing at the Met’. It is about a whale named Willie, who wanted to share his incredible musical talent and sing at the Opera. A theatrical producer hears of his talent and comes up with this crazy theory that Willie swallowed three opera singers and are trapped inside of him. This bittersweet story shows a montage of Willie’s dream of singing at the Met and eventually sharing his musical gift in heaven. 

Unlike the cohesive shorts in Disney’s ‘Fantasia’, this movie seemed like it was thrown together at the last minute and a collection of hodge-podge. We were curious why they would throw a movie like this together and googled the back story. According to Wikipedia, much of Disney’s staff was drafted in World War II, leaving several unfinished stories in the studio. During this hard time, and to keep the studio doors open, they made several movies consisting of shorts set to music.  Make Mine Music, Fun and Fancy Free, and Melody Time are just to name a few.


My husband is a huge baseball fan and his favorite short was ‘Casey at the Bat’! Did you know Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom is based on the short? I made tonight’s recipe inspired by the restaurant and America’s baseball favorites. We love the Cincinnati Reds and eating our favorite Cheese Coney’s at the baseball game. I decided to put my own spin on Disney’s Magical Kingdom Chili Dog and made our Cincinnati Cheese Coney’s for movie night. We topped them with mustard, diced onion, and a mountain of shredded cheese. I think I hit it out of the park with this recipe!


Hope you enjoy this musical classic and hope the baseball themed dinner is a Home Run for your family! If chili isn’t your thing, you should check out my Homemade Cracker Jack recipe! It’s an easy recipe that will change up the usual movie popcorn!

Are you a fan of Baseball? Who are you routing for this spring?

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