and they lived Happily Ever After

Brandon and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary over the weekend! I can’t believe how fast time has flown by! We celebrated by reminiscing and watching our wedding video with the kids.

When planning for our wedding, I had the dilemma of having a small Disney wedding or having a wedding at home and using that extra money to use on our new house. The bedroom suite may have won the battle, but I was still able to add some Disney magic to our Big Day.

Princess Aurora and I share the same birthstone! Or at least I pretend we do, it makes sense though, sapphires come as pink or blue stones. As a gift my parents, let me choose a “make it pink” or “make it blue” sapphire necklace. I choose pink and felt like a true princess!

Pink Happily Ever After - a Magical Kingdom called Home

At the wedding ceremony, my father walked me down the aisle to Tchaikovsky’s ‘Sleeping Beauty Finale’. Sleeping Beauty’s ‘Once Upon a Dream’ has always been OUR song. I can remember dancing to the song on my dad’s feet when I was barely old enough to walk. The last time we visited Cinderella’s Royal Table, my dad asked me to dance with him when the song started playing. Moments like that, I will treasure forever!

Sleeping Beauty Finale - a Magical Kingdom called Home

And lastly, our guests threw rice cereal, instead of rice, as we exited the church. When I was maybe 2 or 3, I watched Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ for the first time and fell in love with it. While my mother was preoccupied, I decided to have my own “wedding”. I grabbed a box of rice krispies and “threw rice” EVERYWHERE, just like Cinderella’s mice. My parents found remnants of my wedding for weeks!!

Such a weird little request, but the church loved the idea! It was a great eco-friendly alternative to regular rice. They said they might start suggesting it to other brides. YAY!

I know it’s not Disney, but coffee is made by magic beans and helps me come alive every morning. We stopped at our favorite coffee shop on the way to the reception. A marriage that starts with coffee is a happy one right? 😉 The pictures we took there happen to be my favorite photos from the whole day! Blissfully in love!

It was such a magical day! My prince and I were blessed to find each other and start our happily ever after. It’s been a wonderful and crazy adventure, and can’t wait to see where it takes us next!

Did you have a Disney wedding or incorporate Disney into your special day?

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