Peter Pan

Based on J. M. Barrie’s play ‘Peter Pan’, this was Walt Disney’s 14th animated feature film and the 9th movie on our list.
A classic story of a boy that never grows up, that loses his shadow while listening to Wendy tell her brothers about the grand stories of himself. He befriends the Darling children, teaches them to fly, and takes them to Neverland!
They meet the Lost Boys, mischievous mermaids, an Indian Princess, and Captain Hook, the fiercest pirate on the seas, with his crew. This adventure never grows old and will forever be a classic! It’s probably my all time favorite Disney films.

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” – Walt Disney

My dad has always been young at heart, always playing tricks and sharing his contagious laughter. Sometimes I wonder if he’s the real-life Peter Pan, that stayed in our world and married his little darling. We’ve called him that for so long that we now associate everything Peter Pan related with my parents. I bought the most beautiful necklaces from Make It Minnie and gifted a matching ‘Second Star’ necklace for my mom. We live over 500 miles apart and it makes us feel closer to each other when we wear it.

Second Star Necklace

Disney is bringing ‘Peter Pan’ out of the vault, June 5th. I couldn’t wait any longer, so I borrowed my parents copy from the last release for Movie Night.
My daughter was so excited to finally see Tinkerbell on the big screen. She fell in love with Tink on her first visit to Disney World last year.
To save some extra money and daily “gimme headaches”, I bought Disney themed gifts for my kids and brought them with us on our trip. Every morning “Tinkerbell” would leave gifts related to activities we had planned for the day. A ‘Chip’ cup for our lunch at ‘Be Our Guest’, an Elsa dress to visit ‘Elsa’ in Epcot, etc… So my daughter thinks Tinkerbell is better than Santa now! She made us dress her up as Tinkerbell for our movie night. You don’t have to spend lots of money to DisneyBound, I let her wear one of my green t-shirts, tied a gold rope around her waist, added some fairy wings, fixed her hair in a top knot and used her pony tail to make faux bangs. Putting on the outfit gave her instant SASS and SPUNK! Simply adorable! I found a matching green shirt and shorts for my son and added my favorite beanie from Whosits & Whatsits to complete his Peter Pan outfit.  They are the cutest little kids and its funny how a simple costume can change their whole attitude! We bought the soundtrack and played along to “Following the Leader”, even the little neighbor boy joined in! It was so cute to see Peter Pan and Tinkerbell stomping around.

The kids were mesmerized with this magnificent Disney Classic and it’s been on constant replay. Seeing our kids watch it for the first time was almost as magical as seeing their faces the first time they went to Disney World! Pure Magic! Peter Pan makes you believe that all of your childhood fantasies can come true! It’s fun and exciting and speaks equally well to kids, parents, and grandparents!

Finding the right menu was the hardest part of the night! There was so many options to choose from! Smee’s Meatball Cannonballs, Indian Teepee Quesadilla’s, Mermaid lagoon J-ello, Lost Boy Trail Mix, Pizza Boats, etc… I ended up making a “Seaweed Wraps”, made with spinach wraps, tomato pesto, chicken, Italian cheese, croutons, and lettuce. I paired it with Pirate Booty, which is also a great movie snack!

We made ‘Buried Treasure Cupcakes‘ for dessert. I’m a cook and not much of a baker, so I used boxed cake mix and added some flair for sand and treasure. It was a sweet ending to the magical night!

I couldn’t have asked for a better evening with my family! Hope you enjoyed our review and love Peter Pan as much as we did! What did you do for your movie night? I would love to hear about it in the comments! ✨

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