Toy Story Shorts

Have you seen all of the Toy Story Shorts? These were too cute not to write about. It’s a great way to spend the evening with your little ones. I incorporated the shorts through out our week and the kids had so much fun!

Partysaurus Rex

Party at our house!!! Rex’s bath time party couldn’t hold a candle to ours! We blacked out the bathroom window, lit some glow sticks, and turned up the music! **CAUTION: Do NOT cut open the glow sticks! They have harmful material inside. Just activating them will give the bathtub a party glow** We downloaded the ‘Partysaurus Rex’ song and partied it up like Rex and his friends! My kids kept saying “That was the BEST BATH EVER!” The customized towel is from Trendy Treehouse. It’s ridiculously soft and perfect for the beach or the tub!

Small Fryphoto-37

I’ve been raiding the Toys ‘R Us stores since they started liquidating, have you? I found this awesome pair for a great price and had to buy them. You can find them on Amazon too (click here). We went to our favorite Chick-fil-A aka “Poultry Palace” and brought along our kid meal toys. Buzz and Zurg made it home safely and now is part of our growing collection.


Hawaiian Vacation

After their tropical vacation was canceled, Ken and Barbie are stranded at Bonnie’s house. The rest of Bonnie’s toys team up to fix the situation and help them make some magical memories. We watched this one on a beautiful spring day and made homemade Dole Whip! Very refreshing and easy! We used this recipe I found on Pinterest.

Toy Story of Terror

Such a hilarious and cute movie that isn’t too scary for my little ones. This fun tale features Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and many other favorite characters. Bonnie and her mother have to make an unexpected stop while on a road trip. One by one the friends start to disappear from their roadside hotel room. Jessie is the last resort and has to solve the mystery before their separated forever.

Even though we won’t be able to visit Toy Story Land for a while. I’ve been researching it like we will be there for the opening. The ‘Woody’s Lunchbox’ restaurant menu gave me the perfect meal inspiration for this short. I made our own Breakfast Bowl, a hearty portion of tater tots, sausage gravy, scrabbled eggs and cheese. Mmmm! My new favorite!! I’m going to make this for all of our overnight guests from now on. Click here for the recipe!


That Time Forgot

A festive tale featuring Bonnie’s toys exploring uncharted territory. They meet an army of newly opened action figurines. The delusional dinosaurs have a dangerous plan to get rid of all outsiders and Trixie comes to save the day!

I went full crazy-Disney mom with this one. This Christmas Tree is usually kept tucked away until the holiday season, but for the blog I pulled out the kids Christmas tree. I even wrapped a present for them to open. Haha! Isn’t this the coolest Christmas Tree?! My friend made it and all the ornaments for the kids last year. My kids loved having it out again and spent all day playing with it!

Before the movie, they opened the gift to find a Mrs. Potato Head! “I repeat! A Mrs. Potato Head!” The first thing my daughter did was take Mr. Potato Heads mustache off! 🤣

For our movie sweet treat, I wanted something festive. The kids would have loved to make Christmas Cookies, but I thought of something better! I always try to keep out-of-season delicacy in the freezer. Pumpkin cheesecake for summer, strawberry popsicles for winter, etc.. I happened to have a pint of Graeter’s Eggnog and Graeter’s Peppermint ice cream left from Christmas. It was a delicious mashup of summer treats and winter flavors. I grew up enjoying Greaters and make a point of eating there every time we visit Cincinnati, Ohio. My favorite flavor is Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip! If you’re ever in the Greater Cincinnati area, make sure to find one of their ice cream parlors!! You will not regret it!

Hope you enjoy all of the Toy Story Shorts and little ways to make them special. My kids loved it! They will probably expect all the extras every time they watch them though.

Which short film was your favorite?

I would love to see how you added a little magic to these fun Disney shorts! Comment below or tag @amagicalkingdomcalledhome on Facebook or Instagram. Have a great day y’all!

The Toy Shorts Shorts are available on Amazon. Click the pictures below for the link!

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