Pinocchio is a timeless story that has been enjoyed in our family for generations. The movie begins with a wish, a puppet, and his promise to be brave, truthful, and unselfish. Pinocchio’s efforts to become a real boy involve encounters with a host of unsavory characters, a scary sea creature, and risking his life for the man that created him. As a child, I was always frightened of the “bad guys”. But as an adult, I can recognize the life lessons and great moral examples given in the story. More movies should be made like this!

Pinocchio Disney Bound

My kids love dressing up, but it’s really hard to afford so many costumes. My friend Hailee from Bounding on a Budget is a true artist at creating adorable Disney themed outfits on a budget! She has so many creative ideas and easy DIY’s on her blog.  She inspired me to create some ‘Disney Bounds’ for our family movie nights.
To make Charlie Beth’s Blue Fairy outfit, I used a simple blue dress from Amazon (click here to view) , ribbon, and a pair of fairy wings from another costume. I used the blue ribbon, that I bought from Hobby Lobby, as a belt and hairband. I think it turned out pretty adorable! Turn the belt around and change the headband into a hair bow and the outfit doubles as a Wendy’s costume!! Even the Second Star necklace from Make It Minnie doubles for both outfits!
Gideon’s Disney Bound was easy too. I bought a yellow shirt from Hobby Lobby and sewed on a bowtie that I made from the same blue ribbon I used earlier. I raided my closet and found an old hat, glued on some blue ribbon, and stuck a red feather in the belt. Add some red shorts and he looked just like a real boy!!!

I made Charlie Beth a magical Tinkerbell Disney Bound for our Peter Pan movie night. Click here to check it out.

For dinner, we made Stromboli. It’s just a rolled up pizza, but somehow it tastes better! Easy for little fingers to enjoy too. For dessert, I used my favorite marshmallow treat recipe and cut them into stars for Fairy Wands. Click here for the recipe and directions. It’s not your typical back of the box recipe, I double the sticky goodness and add vanilla for extra sweetness! In truth, I try not to make them very often. I have a terrible sweet tooth and I want to eat the whole batch!

Another magical movie night in the books. The kids had so much fun and we love spending this special time with them. Hope you enjoyed following along for our weekly movie night! I would love to see how you added magic to your Pinocchio Movie Night! Comment below or tag @amagicalkingdomcalledhome on Facebook or Instagram to share your movie night!

Check in next week for our Tangled Movie Night!

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