Cheshire Cat Treats

Looks like Alice caught the Cheshire Cat by the tail! 🐈 This delicious treat will be the purrrrfect touch to Alice’s Very Merry Unbirthday Party. Your kids will love helping making this easy homemade treat.

Makes 8 marshmallow sticks


32 large marshmallows

2 bags (10oz each) White Chocolate melting wafers Ghirardelli

pink and purple food coloring

purple (or pink) colored sugar sprinkles

8 lollipop sticks

Skewer 4 large marshmallows on each lollipop stick and set on wax paper. In a microwaveable bowl, melt 1 1/2 bags white chocolate per instructions. Add several drops of pink food coloring and mix well. Individually dip marshmallow sticks into chocolate. Use a spoon to cover marshmallows completely. Set on wax paper and allow chocolate to harden.

Once dry, melt the remaining white chocolate and add several drops of purple food coloring. Mix well. Drizzle purple chocolate on marshmallows to create stripes. Quickly sprinkle with purple (or pink) colored sugar and shake off excess. Return to wax paper to harden, or refrigerate to quicken the process.

Hope you enjoy this whimsical treat!!

Alice In Wonderland with Cheshire Cat Treat

Inspired by Disneyland

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