Mary Poppins Movie Night

“Winds in the east, there’s a mist coming in,

like something is brewin’ and ’bout to begin.”

‘Mary Poppins’ is a magical story of a nanny who flies out of the windy London skies and arrives into the home of a self-absorbed family. The children, Jane and Michael are pleasantly surprised with their new nanny and embark on whimsical adventures. With the help of a chimney sweep named Bert, Mary Poppins helps the Banks become a “practically perfect” family.

In honor of Mary Poppins 54th Anniversary, we celebrated this classic with an afternoon treat of tea, sandwiches, scones and sweets. The food was simple, yet delicious! The finger sandwiches included; roast beef and horseradish, tomato basil, strawberry cream cheese, and cheese sandwiches for kids. The scrumptious scone recipe came from Fifteen Spatulas, click here for the recipe. They paired beautifully with our cherry preserves and clotted cream. If you haven’t tried clotted cream, you’re missing out. It is absolutely delicious, and is best described as a cross between whipped cream and butter. I found it in the delicatessen section at Wegmans, but I’ll add the link below to purchase the same jar from Amazon Foods.

“Order what you will, there be no bill… it’s complimentary!”

For our last course, I served Chocolate Covered Strawberries dressed as dapper penguins and Mary’s ‘Spoonful of Sugar Cake Pops’. Both very simple to make and enjoyed by both kids and adults. I’m extremely happy that I found not one, but TWO vintage Mary Poppins spoons on eBay recently. I couldn’t resist making a dessert to compliment them.

Mary Poppins Movie Night Desserts

Quick Mom tip, you can make 6-8 cake pops with just 2 regular sized cupcakes. This is far more convenient then making up an entire box of cake mix. In a medium bowl, mush cupcakes (including icing) together until well combined. Roll dough into 1-inch balls and place on wax paper. Chill balls in refrigerator for 15 mins. Dip cake balls into melted chocolate, shake off excess. Place on wax paper and sprinkle with Sparkling Sugar. I made mine out of my secret stash of Georgetown Cupcakes that I happen to keep hidden in the freezer. They were DIVINE!

Since it was my husband and children’s first Afternoon Tea, I shared with them some proper tea party etiquette. I’ll share some of the rules with you too.

  • Stir the tea gently, one must never swirl
  • One should hold the cup with the thumb and fingers; never grasp the bowl of the cup with one’s hand
  • One must never extend one’s tea cup with one’s pinky finger extended, this would be considered improper
  • Under no condition, should one dunk a biscuit. This would be simply primitive
  • To drink your tea, lift the cup and saucer together – holding the saucer with one hand and the cup in the other
  • Do not sip your tea from the spoon or saucer
  • Never leave the spoon in the tea, rather place it on the saucer behind the cup
  • First course is Savories and Tea Sandwiches, Second course is scones with jam and cream, and Third course is sweets

There’s even a proper way to eat a scone. Use the individual spoons provided for the clotted cream and jam to scoop small portions onto your plate. Break off a small size piece of scone with your hands and add your clotted cream and jam to the small bite. Repeat with remaining scone. Some people argue over which topping should be first. I prefer cream first, then jam.

“You think. You wink. You do a double blink.

You close your eyes… And jump!”

There are so many activities to choose from the movie. Feeding the birds, flying a kite, going to a fair, but since it was the first sunny day in a week, we decided to spruce up our sidewalks. The kids had the best time trying to pop in and out of chalk-pavement pictures. I loved the silhouette drawings! Did you find the hidden Mickey’s?

My family had a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time celebrating one of Disney’s most beloved movies! We can’t wait for Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ so we can do it again. Thank you for following along! I hope you enjoy this magical classic and sing along (in grateful chorus) at your next family movie night!

Until next time, Cheerio!

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