Lion King Movie Night

The Lion King is a magnificent classic that will transport you to the Pride Lands and will inspire generations of fans to find their own place in the “Circle of Life”. I loved this movie when it first came out and now my kids are loving it with the same excitement I had, it’s made a complete circle! This treasured classic is full of humor and heart, beautiful animation, and extraordinary music.

Lion Cubs - Lion King Movie Night

Do you remember when Lion King debuted in 1994? I was only 7 at the time, but it made such a huge impact on my little life. The opening number still gives me goose bumps! I was so excited when they brought it out of the vault last year. To experience something you love with your own kids, is worth while! They see things so differently and I love talking to them about the movie afterwards.

Neither one have the greatest attention spans, but they sat and watched the whole movie! This is now my sons favorite movie and roars like a mighty lion everywhere we go! It makes a great introduction to my blog when he constantly roars at the people at the grocery store. “Don’t mind us! We’re just huge Disney fans over here! I even started a Disney blog… etc.”

Little Lion Cub - Trendy Treehouse pillow

I can’t find much Lion King merchandise that doesn’t involve Disney’s The Lion Guard’. I was able to find an adorable Simba cub plush at the Disney Store and a Lion King inspired pillow case from the talented ladies at Trendy Treehouse. They have so many creative and personalized designs to choose from! Each design is cuter than the last! We started collecting their shirts, but have added minky blankets, towels, and dresses to our collection. The superior quality keeps us coming back for more.


We celebLion King Movie Night - A Magical Kingdom called Homerated this amazing movie by serving ‘Cub Sandwiches’ for our movie night. They were incredibly easy to make with our Lion Paw Cookie Cutter from Amazon. My kids love Club Sandwiches, but you could use any sandwich recipe. I found the cutest chips at the grocery store to go with the kids dinner. Good Health’s Mickey Shaped Veggie Chips. My kids couldn’t resist the cuteness and I couldn’t have been happier that they were eating something healthy!

Pesto Steak Kabobs - Lion King Movie Night inspired mealBrandon and I wanted to eat something a little more grownup. I don’t usually make different meals for dinner, but I made an exception this time. ‘Pesto Steak Kabobs’ were a great alterative to the ‘Cub Sandwiches’. We loved the pesto with the grilled steak! Both options were extremely easy to make and customizable to your tastes. For dessert, we channeled our inner Timon and Pumbaa and made JELL-O’s Creation Oreo Dirt cups. It was insanely quick and my kids loved helping put on the “dirt” and decorating with the gummy worms.

I hope you thoroughly enjoy this Disney Masterpiece on your next movie night. Thank you for following along on our ‘Lion King’ adventure! I would love to know how you added magic to your ‘Lion King’ Movie Night! Comment below or tag @amagicalkingdomcalledhome on Facebook or Instagram to share!

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