I’m a Disney girl, in a Pop-up world!

Have you seen the BREATHTAKING works of art created by New York Times Best Selling Author and Pop-Up Master Matthew Reinhart? I loved looking thru his books when I worked at Borders years ago and couldn’t resist his Disney collection. He brilliantly brings castles and characters to life, showcasing the magical worlds that we have loved for generations! Mr. Reinhart has created three incredible Disney related Pop-up books, each one just as amazing as the first. I hope he continues to make more of these beautiful collectible pieces!
Disney Princesses A Magical Pop-up World

1. ‘Disney Princess: A Magical Pop-Up World’ celebrates the tales of eleven precious Disney Princesses. Mr. Reinhart created amazing key moments for each princess and accompanies them with short stories. This stunning collectors item will be part of our family treasure forever! My favorite princess, Aurora, is beautifully showcased in an amazing transformative scene.

2. ‘Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure’ follow the fearless and optimist Anna as she teams up with rugged mountain man named Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven in an epic journey.
This book showcases the remarkable story of Elsa and Anna in a magnificent pop-up! You’ll be amazed at the spectacular paper engineering.

3.‘Disney*Pixar: A Pop-Up Celebration’ is a vibrant collection of Disney/Pixar’s movies and characters. Over 30 pop-ups revisit Disney/Pixar’s impressive history. The ‘Inside Out’ pop-up is incredibly clever! Oh, and just recently noticed that there are hidden Easter Eggs in every movie pop-up! Mind blown.

They are really easy to find on Amazon!

Clink on the links below to check his spectacular collection out for yourself!

1. 2. 3.

He even has one for Harry Potter!

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