Mickey Pumpkin Wreath

Autumn is the best season to visit Walt Disney World! The low crowds, shorter wait times, cooler weather, and beautiful decorations make for a perfect combination!
I am especially obsessed with the Mickey Pumpkin Wreaths! I knew I had to make one for my own and started brainstorming. Part of the problem was finding the right stencil, and since I couldn’t find one that I liked online, I made my own! Click here to print your own. The whole process takes some patience, but in the end, definitely worth it! You might be hundreds of miles away from Disney, but the wreath will help you feel a little less homesick every time you look at it.

Happy Fall Y’all!

I would love to see how you decorate your Mickey Pumpkin! Tag @amagicalkingdomcalledhome in your Facebook or Instagram photos or send me a DM.


  • 9-inch Craft Pumpkin Half (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby)
  • Black foam sheet
  • Yellow foam sheet
  • Fall wreath (sized to coordinate with your pumpkin)
  • 6-inch dark colored ribbon
  • flickering tea light
  • push pin
  • Mickey face and ear stencil (click here for printable)

Tools: **sharp objects required, use with caution**

  • Exacto Knife
  • tape
  • glue
  • scissors
  • nail/or push pin
  • ink pen

Not So Scary Mickey O'Lantern - A Magical Kingdom called Home


Print stencil (from above) and cut out ear pattern and set aside for later. Cut around the face pattern and tape to center of pumpkin. Cut slits or pleat the paper to help wrap it around the pumpkins curves. Secure stencil with tape.

Score the design into the Pumpkin by poking holes through the stencil with a nail or push pin, creating a dog to dot pattern.

Once you have completed the pattern, remove stencil. Using the exacto knife, cut the pattern connecting the dots. Try to cut the small areas first, working outward from the middle. Make sure you cut deep enough, so you can remove the slab completely from the pumpkin.

Use exacto knife to follow nail pattern to remove pumpkin slabs - Mickey O'Lantern Wreath

*Be very careful cutting around the eyes. Its a tricky area and needs a delicate touch. If you happen to make the wrong cut, unlike a real pumpkin, you can glue the craft pumpkins back together!

After the stencil has been cut and slabs have been discarded, clean up opening with your excato knife. Set aside to create ears.

Trace ear pattern on black foam sheet. Cut out and set aside. Flip pattern and repeat for second ear.

Fold ear pattern at dotted line. Place on side of pumpkin, 1 1/2 inch from stem. Draw a line for the ears and cut along line, wide enough for the ears to fit. Fold the ear pattern in the opposite direction and repeat on other side.

Then pull ears through cracks, they should have a snug fit. You could use glue to secure, if the ears are too loose.

Trace pumpkin on yellow foam and cut out pattern. Glue the foam sheet to the top half of the pumpkin, leaving the bottom half accessible to place the tea light.

Trace pumpkin to create backing for Mickey O'Lantern

Almost done! Fold the ribbon in half and knot the end to create a circle. Pin the knot to the back of the pumpkin stem. Now it’s ready to hang!

secure ribbon to back of pumpkin stem with pin - Mickey O'Lantern

Place your Mickey O’Lantern in the center of the wreath. Add tea light to the back for frightful glow. Now you’re ready to hang both of them on a hook!

Hope you love this Not-So-Scary Decoration and have a beautiful Fall and Halloween Season! And don’t forget to tag me, I can’t wait to see them all!


Copycat Not So Scary Mickey O'Lantern - Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Wreath


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