Cinderella is the most celebrated of ALL the Disney classics. This enduring story has enchanted generations of fans with its charming music and classic characters. This magical fairy tale shares Cinderella’s faith that her dreams of a better life will come true. With the help of her delightful Fairy Godmother and a wave of her magical wand, Cinderella meets her happily ever after at the Royal Ball. At the strike of midnight, Cinderella flees before the spell is broken, leaving only a single glass slipper the only key to the ultimate fairy-tale ending!

Cinderella Movie Night

The memorable tunes and whimsical sidekicks made Disney’s adaptation of the gory Brothers Grimm fairy tale captivating. Jaq and Gus Gus are my favorite sidekicks and I love watching their misadventures with Lucifer. I love them so much that I recreated the scene of them saving the day on our stairwell. I found the perfect art piece in an old Cinderella Golden Book, scanned and printed it, cut out the characters and glued them to the stairs. Trust me, they aren’t on the way to save my daughter from her room. Just another way to add touches of Disney in our home.

It was very hard choosing a menu for our movie night. My initial thought was to make something off of Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella’s Royal Table menu. But decided to go with a pumpkin recipe, since Cinderella would have made something with her smashed pumpkin too.

My local grocery store sells pumpkin pasta sauce every September. And every year, I’m scared to death that they won’t bring it back. Out of fear, I created this recipe and Bibbidi-Boppidi-Boo it ended up being better than the original. Everyone loved it! It was a nice change to the typical red spaghetti sauce. Full of harvest flavors and quick and easy to make for a busy Friday night. Click here for the recipe. For dessert, we made mini pumpkin pies. Can there ever be too much pumpkin? I think not! My daughter saw the mini pumpkin pies on the Disney Family account and HAD to have them. I used my favorite pumpkin pie recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction (click here for the recipe) and mason jars to make them miniaturized.

Cinderella pumpkin pie

My kids helped me make Cinderella’s Pumpkin Dip for our movie snack. It’s an easy recipe that can be whipped up ahead of time and enjoyed by everyone. I used the most amazing butter waffles to dip with, but you could use graham crackers, gingersnaps, or anything that tickles your fancy.

I hope you have a magical movie night celebrating one of Disney’s most beloved classics. Thanks for following along our adventures! To quote Gus Gus, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”!


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