Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarf, what can be said about this classic film that hasn’t been said a million times over. It was the first full length animated film and the one that started it all for Walt Disney. This simple Brothers Grimm story of a charming little princess saved by seven adorable dwarfs from her wicked stepmother, the queen, made history in December of 1937. Watched and loved by millions of people during the Great Depression, Snow White made Walt Disney one of the most popular people of that time. The beautiful story, great characters, music and heart, will captivate even the worst Grump.

I’ve loved this movie ever since they re-released it on VHS in 1994. We had the best times running around our play room, with nothing but the light of the tv, being chased by the scary forest monsters. I remember so much merchandise came out for the re-release. McDonalds had the best Snow White toys in their happy meals. I still have my Snow White Polly Pocket cottage, with ALL THE PIECES still together! Charlie Beth loves to play it with my while Gideon naps in the afternoon. In 2016, I picked up the DVD copy for my own collection. My kids enjoy it as much as I do. They sing ‘Whistle While You Work’ cleaning up there toys, The Dwarf’s Washing Song while they are in the bath, and they march along whenever I sing ‘Heigh-Ho.’ They love being read to from the plethora of vintage Snow White books that I have collected. The Studio Book has always been my favorite and was happy to find a copy of it on Amazon recently. It features original sketches and drawings to illustrate this beloved fairy tale.

For our movie night, the kids Disneybounded as Snow White and Dopey. I don’t think Charlie Beth could have felt any prettier in her royal attire. Gideon, just wanted our new Poison Apple Mug.

Snow White Disneybound - A Magical Kingdom Called Home

We’ve watched the movie more times that I can count, but wanted to make our evening special. So, I made Beef Stew and a dessert that could make all your dreams come true. My Poison Apple Pie is really poison free, but the cranberries are tart enough to bite you back! And you know it’s good when your almost 2 year old eats his slice AND mine.

Tis the season for apples, so I couldn’t resist making one of Disney Worlds Eat Treats too. I’m always so jealous of the pictures I see online featuring Disney’s delicious treats. Since we live too far away to grab a bite, I decided to make this one at home. Just three ingredients created this masterpiece. An apple, I like to use honeycrisps, caramel, and white chocolate. Pour the melted chocolate in an icing bag and decorate your caramel apple to look like the Evil Queens Poison Apple. A sweet gift to wow all your friends during the Halloween season.

Just a bite Dearie

Thank you for checking out our Snow White movie night! I hope you have a wonderful time watching this classic with your family and friends too. What would you do for a Snow White Movie Night? If we lived close enough to Magic Kingdom, I would insist on riding the ‘Seven Dwarfs Mine Train’ ride. Leave your comment below. And don’t forget to tag @amagicalkingdomcalledhome on Facebook or Instagram to share your movie night with us! Thanks for following along!

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