Up Movie Night

Adventure is out there!

If adventure is your thing, this is the movie for you! Carl was a child full of adventure and love, but his spirit dampens after his lifelong partner left on a new uncharted journey. He ends up in some trouble and decides to take matters into his own hands. Toss in a few adorable sidekicks and you have another winner from the Disney/Pixar studios.

I do have to warn you, if you hate to cry during movies… DO NOT watch this. Or at least the first 14 minutes. I swear I’m not going to cry when we turn it on, but 9 years later and it still gets to me. My husband loves to tell the story of Walt Disney bragging to Pete Doctor (the director of Up) that he made people cry in Bambi in less than 50 minutes. And Pete said “Walt, hold my beer!” So crazy, but true.

For our movie night, we decided to have a picnic outside to celebrate the last warm day of the year. They kids loved dressing up, getting balloons, and having their dinner outside.

Charlie Beth’s dress is from the talented and creative Trendy Treehouse shop. Charlie Beth would wear it every day if she could. It twirls like a dream! The fabric is not only soft, but is made with magic!! My daughter spilled ketchup all over it the other day and it came right out!! Maybe they use Unicorn fur to make the dresses. I can’t recommend their shop enough! They are amazing!


Now, y’all, I worked really hard on this dinner. Alright, I lied, no I didn’t. It was nice not to have to cook all day, get the kids ready, take pics, etc… SQUIRREL!

Inspired by the movie, I grilled Russell’s Hot Dogs and added some fries. I bought Grape Ne-Hi’s for everyone, and Charlie Beth hated it. Lol. The chocolate bar for dessert made up for grape soda though.

We started our own Adventure Fund for Disney with an old Apple cider jug that I cleaned out. Then reminisced over our last Disney vacation in our Adventure book. I drew the ‘Up’ house on a piece of paper and let Charlie Beth color one in each day as a countdown. Can you guess what her favorite color is? Ha! I bought it off of Amazon last year and plan on documenting all of our movie night fun and future Disney Trips inside.

Thanks for following along on our movie night adventure. I really appreciate y’all so much for reading, commenting, and tagging me in your own movie nights. It makes my heart so happy watching my kids light up with our fun, but I love seeing y’all share that same love with your own family. Thank you!

Till next week, Esther

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