Wreck-It Ralph

There’s no one I would rather be than me!

Have you seen ‘Ralph breaks the Internet’ yet? With all the holiday festivities, we might have to wait for a while. Don’t think we missed out on the fun though. We incorporated one of our favorite Christmas traditions, decorating a Gingerbread House, with some sweet movie night fun.


The kids did a fantastic job decorating with the leftover Halloween candy and a few things I already had in the pantry! Jolly Ranchers as stain glass windows, m&m’s for Christmas lights, etc.. Here is a GREAT mom tip – put all the candies in a cupcake pan! It’s a great way to stay organized AND easy for little fingers to grab what they need.

If the house didn’t already give us a Sugar Rush, we had a Candy Kart decorating contest! I bought some twinkies for the car base and let everyone use the candy and cookies to decorate their own racer. Brandon’s racer was Dale Gumhart, driving the loudest car in the pack. My driver was Minty Bobby, driving the prettiest car. And Charlie Beth picked Sugar Cruz, the fastest car this side of the Chocolate River. They all turned out so cute, but Charlie Beth’s won for most creative with the peppermint wheels. We might have to make this an annual thing from now on. It was a great start to our movie night AND I got to get rid of some candy in the process! Yay!

Wreck-it Ralph was one of the first movies we watched as a family. It continues to be one of our favorites and on constant reply. Great for both girls and boys, teaching them that being unique is what makes them special. I hope my kids never lose sight of how special they are and this movie is a wonderful reminder of how strong that can make a person.


Also, I wanted to mention the mini arcade game that is shown in the main image, I found at Walmart the other day. They had several classic mini arcade games available, including Frogger and Pac Man. I bought this one to put in Brandon’s stocking, but got it out early for our movie night.

Candy Kart Decorating Contest - Wreck-It Ralph Movie Night

Thanks for reading our festive movie night. I hope you got some ideas to satisfy your own movie night sweet tooth.. This would be the perfect opportunity to use up the left over Halloween candy you have laying around. If you do have a Candy Kart decorating contest like we did, tag me in your Facebook or Instagram posts! I would love to see them! Till next time, have a wonderful Christmas season!


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Hi, I'm Esther. I'm the author of the blog 'A Magical Kingdom called Home'. I'm a LEO wife and stay-at-home mom of 2. I want to share my love for family, food, and Disney thru weekly movie night fun!

2 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph

  1. How fun. 🙂 I haven’t even seen the first “Wreck It Ralph,” but I keep seeing commercials for “Ralph Wrecks the Internet” and would like to see it. Love your Twinkie Candy Karts. 🙂


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