The Santa Clause Movie Night

This movie is full of jolly laughs and Christmas magic!

I don’t think my kids are old enough to enjoy it thoroughly, but Brandon and I get to relive the laughs every year. One of my favorite scenes, is when Scott Calvin arrives at the North Pole for the first time. Judy brings him Cocoa, “Extra chocolate, shaken, not stirred.” My mom’s name is Judy and I grew up thinking that could have been her. How amazing would that be to have an elf for a parent!

Santa's favorite Hot Chocolate - The Santa Clause Movie Night - A Magical Kingdom called Home

We had the perfect movie night snacks, Christmas Cookies and my famous Hot Chocolate. I have used this recipe for years now and I LOVE IT! The cookies turn out perfect every single time and they are delicious! If we had any extra to leave for Santa, he would wake me up to make more. Click here for my recipe.


I’ve had this Hot Chocolate recipe (click here for the link) even longer than the cookie recipe. I got it while working as a barista, which was my favorite job by the way. It is the creamiest hot chocolate you have ever tasted!

I set up a hot chocolate bar for the little ones and they were able to choose the toppings; crushed peppermints, cinnamon, sprinkles, and whipped cream. You could swap out the whipped cream for marshmallows if that’s what you prefer. My favorite, is to add a little pinch of cinnamon on top. Very much like Emma Swan from the ‘Once Upon A Time’ series.

Hot Chocolate Bar - The Santa Clause Movie Night - A Magical Kingdom called Home

This has always been one of my favorite Christmas movies. I was only 7 when this movie came out and it brings me back to a time when magic was real and anything was possible. I love Charlie’s response to Neil’s question, “Have you ever seen a reindeer fly?” “No. Have you ever seen a million dollars? Just because you can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.”

Thank you for following along on our festive movie night! I hope you have a blessed holiday season and get to enjoy some childlike magic. What Christmas movie is always on your watch list? Leave me a comment below or tag me in your movie nights on Instagram. I would love to see it!

Ho, Ho, Ho, and a Merry Movie Night to you all!


Santa's favorite Hot Chocolate - The Santa Clause Movie Night - A Magical Kingdom called Home

Yes, that me on the roof. Just waiting for Santa to come try my hot chocolate. Ha! I fell in love with this shirt inspired by the movie from The Magical Trading Post. They have so many cute designs that would add magic to your everyday attire.

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