Baymax Valentine!

If you are looking for a quick and easy treat to pass out for Valentines, I have the one for you!

I’m always running around last minute trying to put something together for my kids to hand out for Valentines Day. But inspiration struck while watching Big Hero 6 the other night. Baymax is as loveable as it gets! His warm hugs and compassion for helping people makes people instantly fall in love with him. He even gave me the line for the perfect treat, “Have a lollipop!” A lollipop dressed up as Baymax would be PERFECT and I already had everything I needed around the house to make them!

Baymax Valentine - Disney Valentine - A Magical Kingdom Called Home

To make your Baymax Valentine you will need:

White tissue paper

Lollipops – I used Tootsie Pops, but any will do

String, Ribbon, or tape to secure tissue paper 

a black pen

and this printable


  1. Cut your tissue paper into squares, large enough to cover the lollipop. I used two pieces of tissue paper to make it less see thru.
  2. Wrap the lollipop with your dual-ply tissue paper and smooth out one side for his face. secure paper with string.
  3. Draw 2 circles on face with black pen to create eyes and connect dots to create the perfect Baymax face.
  4. To complete the Valentine, print out the ‘Have a lollipop’ tags.
  5. Cut individual tags and sign the back.
  6. To complete, tape the valentine onto the treat with ribbon or string.

 And that’s it! Easy and adorable!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Baymax Valentine - Disney Valentine - A Magical Kingdom Called Home


Tag me in your social media posts if you try making them. I would love to see them! #amagicalkingdomcalledhome




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