Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny Napkin Fold

If you are looking for a way to add a little Disney into your Easter Sunday, I got the thing for you! With a little pixie dust and glue, your kids will love finding Mickey and his pals at the dinner table.

Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny Napkin Fold - A Magical Kingdom called Home - Disney Easter

I used Disney Family’s Easter Egg template for all the faces. Instead of adding them to real eggs, I used plastic eggs from Hobby Lobby. I filled them with Easter candies, made the napkin bunny ears, and glued on the faces. I used permanent marker for Donald and Daisy’s eyes. If you fold instead of rolling the napkins, they should sit up perfectly on the plates that way.

Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny Napkin Fold - A Magical Kingdom called Home - Disney Easter

You’ll need:

Mickey and his pals Easter Egg templates from Disney Family (Click here for the link)

Plastic Easter Eggs

Square paper napkins


Easter goodies for filler

permanent black marker


glue stick

white paper for printable and black cardstock for Mickey ears


Fold the napkin in half to create a triangle. If there is excess napkin, you can cut to create a perfect triangle. Fold the napkin in half again to create smaller ears.

Start folding the long, open side of the triangle upward in about 1 inch folds. When nearing the top, fold the point inward (tucking in) and continue folding upward until napkin is in a long flat roll.

Fill Easter Eggs with goodies, candies, stickers, etc..

Wrap napkin around an Easter egg and secure with a ribbon tied in a bow right above the top of the egg.

Print the template on a sheet of white paper. Cut out the individual pieces and using a glue stick, stick to the plastic egg. Fold the ear tabs, as shown on the Disney Family site, and glue them to the top of the egg in between the egg and napkin fold.

And there you have it! Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter!


Don’t forget to tag me in your Disney Easter creations on Instagram using #amagicalkingdomcalledhome. I would love to see them!

Mickey Mouse Easter Bunny Napkin Fold - A Magical Kingdom called Home - Disney Easter




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