Wall-E Movie Night

WALL-E has always been one of my favorite movies and I couldn’t wait to share it with my family! Disney/Pixar was able to make an appliance the most loved thing on earth when they produced WALL-E. They made us fall in love with a character, typically void of emotion, within 25 minutes of what’s like a silent film. If that alone doesn’t marvel your mind, the spectacular artwork will make you fall in love with this wonderful family friendly romantic comedy.  This amazing film focuses on man’s greed and unwillingness to make a change to better our world. It’s the perfect movie to watch on Earth Day and incorporate ways to make a greener earth.

WALLE Movie Night - A Magical Kingdom called Home - Disney Movie Night

We brought some of the movie to life and recreated the milkshakes they had in the movie. We went with the healthiest option possible; Frozen Strawberries, plain yogurt, a tablespoon or two of Honey, a splash of apple juice and a few ice cubes thrown into the vitamix and poured into a reusable mason jar. One of my favorite wedding gifts by the way, I use them almost everyday. I’ve been collecting paper straws before it was even cool and used them for our drinks too. The kids were able to use our Disney Resort cups for their drinks, they’ve stayed in great shape the two years. Whats your favorite flavor combo for smoothies and/or milkshakes? Get creative, make any smoothie or milkshake for your movie night! Let the kids get in on it too, they’ll have a blast!

I wanted to share a little more with my kids why its important to recycle and protect the planet that we live on. I’m praying it becomes second nature to them and they do it without even thinking when they are older. My friend Susan @justasunshinestateofmind recently wrote a post about saving the bees and a program to plant pollinator plants to help them. So, thanks to her and the save the bee initiative, we gathered some supplies and planted some little flowers for our movie night activity. My kids loved working in the dirt and can’t wait to see them grow.

WALLE Movie Night - A Magical Kingdom called Home - Planted pollinators for our Disney Movie Night activity - Earth Day

We were exploring the creek I grew up playing in over the weekend and tried to explain the horrible effects of litter and water pollution. My siblings and I used to find old microwaves in it, broken glass bottles, plastic rope, it was horrible! We used to get some of it out and dispose of it properly, but it was still terrible. The creek is much cleaner than it used to be, but we should be better of protecting our earth. What are some ways you like to conserve our planet?

WALLE Movie Night - A Magical Kingdom called Home - exploring our beautiful green earth

Disney is constantly committed to their conservation efforts. Just to name a few, they recently got rid of all plastic straws at their parks and replaced them with paper ones and The Disney Store started using reusable bags for all purchases in effort to reduce their environmental footprint. The Disney store is usually our first stop at the Mall, so we’re able to reuse it and fill it up with the rest of the days purchases. You can read more about their amazing work at www.thewaltdisneycompany.com/environment/.

Hope y’all enjoyed following along on our WALL-E movie night. Thank you so much for joining us! Don’t forget to tag me in your movie night adventures on Instagram using #amagicalkingdomcalledhome. I would love to see them!

Have a magical day,


WALLE Movie Night - A Magical Kingdom called Home - Delicious smoothie and green earth project inspired by our Disney Movie Night




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