Disney’s Pirate Adventure Scavenger Hunt

Ahoy, mateys! Join an interactive hunt for secret treasures hidden throughout Adventureland based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and movies. And best of all, it’s FREE and for all ages!!

A Pirate's Adventure - A Magical Kingdom called Home

Simply stop by the Pirate Adventures building in Adventureland. This is the small building just past the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and across from Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Tortuga Tavern. A fellow pirate will explain the raid you are about to undergo. You’ll swipe your MagicBand (or ticket card) and then you will be assigned one of 5 maps to start.

A Pirate's Adventure - A Magical Kingdom called Home

We went on two adventures, that approximately took 20 mins to complete each time. You’ll be having so much fun that it seems quicker than that. It’s contained to Adventureland, which is a plus for those who’ve played the Sorcerers Apprentice scavenger hunt which is played all over the kingdom.

What is really cool about Pirate Adventure is that it is totally interactive. You never know exactly what will happen until you scan your magicband.


Using the map, simply locate the symbol engraved on a skull and touch your talisman to it to start. You will hear instructions about each step of your treasure hunt and watch the props come to life. But don’t let the talking parrot distract you from you mission. Pay attention as the magic clue is revealed for your next stop. Each treasure hunt will take you to four or five locations, lasting about 45 seconds each. At the last stop, your treasure will be revealed.


Be sure to tell the Pirate back at the Crow’s Nest what the treasure is to collect your prize: a souvenir treasure card. It was rumored, but not advertised, that once you complete 2 of the missions, you will be granted a free FastPass+ for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. In our case, we did! We did it for something fun to do while our youngest slept, but it was a nice plus to get a FastPass+ after completing the missions. The treasure maps and completion cards make great souvenirs too! Wish we would had time to complete all 5, so we could get our hands on the sixth and final card—signed by Captain Jack Sparrow himself.


If you plan to checkout A Pirate’s Adventure, you will want to plan on going mid-day. Hours are currently 12pm-6pm.


Have you gone thru all 5 swashbuckling adventures? Which was your favorite?

Hope you bunch of landlubbers have a magical day! Drink up me hearties Yo Ho!


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