DIY Mickey Fall Wreath


Crackling fires, crunching leaves, hot coffee, crisp mornings, chilly nights, cozy sweaters, and Mickey pumpkins are just a few of my favorite things about Autumn. There’s something about decorating your front porch for Fall too.


Marisa, the creative genius behind The Spectromagical Life, and I wanted to share an easy and inexpensive DIY wreath with y’all. I’ve been following Marisa on Instagram and her blog for a while now and always in awe of what she does. When she reached out to do a project together, I jumped at the chance! The goal was to create a fall inspired wreath with embroidery hoops. It’s amazing how different and unique each of our wreaths turned out. I added a magical twist to mine and she made a beautiful floral one to bring together  the fall colors in her living room.

DIY FALL WREATH - The Spectromagical Life collab

So grab your embroidery hoops and start creating your own special wreath with your own unique touches. Tag both of us in your creations on Instagram. We can’t wait to see them!


DIY Mickey Fall Wreath - A Magical Kingdom called Home


  • 3 embroidery hoops, one 10″ and two 6″
  • Fabric (I used half a yard of fabric to create this)
  • Embellishments: something to cover the hoop screw, i.e. leaves, pipe cleaners, or ribbon… and something to put on the main hoop, i.e. a monogram, Mickey pumpkin carving pattern (click here for the download), vinyl wording, etc…


  • floral wire or ribbon
  • hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • scissors


Loosen the screw on top to remove the inner circle of the hoop.
Place the fabric over the outer hoop with the back of the fabric facing toward you. Then put the smaller hoop inside the out hoop and tighten the screw.

Flip it over and before tightening completely make sure to pull the fabric taut so there are no wrinkles in your wreath.


Cut the excess fabric. Repeat with remaining hoops.

Embellish your main hoop as you please. I painted a wooden monogram I picked up from the craft store and hot glued it to the fabric.  Then, I twisted some leaves onto the hoop screw and used some floral wiring to make a hoop to use to hang it on the command hook on our front door. I made my Mickey Pumpkin Wreath with the same pattern as my Jack O’Lantern one (click here for the link). I traced the pattern on a black foam sheet and used fabric glue to glue them in place.

DIY Mickey Fall Wreath - A Magical Kingdom called Home

Use a hot glue gun to glue the smaller hoops to both sides of the main hoop to create that iconic Mickey shape. Let dry and then you’ll be ready to hang it on your door!


This project cost me about $10 and took a hour to complete. Definitely an easy and fun way to show off your love for fall and Disney.

Happy Fall Y’all!

DIY Mickey Fall Wreath - A Magical Kingdom called Home


**Always wear leather or heat resistant gloves and safety glasses or goggles when using a hot glue gun. Keep the hot glue gun away from flammable materials and use in work areas that are clean and dry. Use a wire or metal safety stand to hold the hot glue gun when you are not using it to glue items.**

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