Olive – Book Review

I have been anxiously waiting for this book to come out since my friend Angie Penrose mentioned it in one of her Instagram stories. She is such a talented artist and I was so honored that she send us a copy of her first illustrated book to review. Not only is Olive Ewe a beautifully illustrated book, its a delightful read with a great message for little ones.

Olive - Book Review - A Magical Kingdom called Home


Olive Ewe is about a little girl that, even with her best thoughts in mind, always ends up messing things up. The artwork really gives you clear picture of what she’s feeling as the day starts off great and then gets sadder as the day go by. Just when Olive Ewe is at her saddest, her family always reassures her that they still love her, no matter what craziness happens.


I loved reading this book to my little ones! Even before we got to the back of the book, Olive Ewe’s predicaments were bringing up questions about feelings and scenarios that they could relate to. I really liked that they included some questions and steps to walk thru some feelings and how to properly deal with them at the end of the book. For someone that has a child that has a hard time expressing feelings, this will be a great tool in the future.


I really hope there are many adventures of Olive Ewe in the future! Hope you enjoy this special book too! Click here to buy it from Amazon.


*not an associate link or add. We really just loved this book!!

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