DIY Allergy Friendly Mickey and Minnie Felt candy pouches

Did you know Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party offers allergy-friendly food and treats? According to my friend Seely at @MouseEarMemories, people with food allergies are given a teal bag with a cute Mickey pumpkin on it. They collect tokens at each candy booth and then cash them in for gluten free and allergy friendly treats. You can check out her gluten free and allergy friendly MNSSHP review here.

I teamed up with some other amazing friends to create a #MNSSHPathome Candy Pouch. I was inspired by Seely’s post and the candy bag so much that I wanted to recreate it for todays project. I kept the basic colors of the party bag and used an old pumpkin carving template to recreate the Mickey Pumpkin. With just a few materials needed, I was able to make it within 30 mins. I sewed mine together using a blanket stitch, but hot glue/fabric glue would work just as well.

If you are looking for more magically inspired Candy Pouches, check out the ones below!

Destiny @muggleonmainstreet, created a pair of spooky Haunted Manion Pouches. Check out her DIY here!

Ashton @momonthemonorail, made a sweet Candy Mickey pouch.

and Tina, put together thecutest Mickey and Minnie Ghost Candy Pouches

I can’t wait to have these handy for a few of our friends that will be stopping by during the Halloween season!

You will need:

Mickey & Minnie printable (click here for the FREE printable)

Cutting mat

Craft knife


Packing tape


Soft felt: teal

Sticky felt: orange

Hot glue gun & sticks

Allergy Friendly Candy of your choice

OPTIONAL: Needle & thread


Cut the Mickey template in a circle. Place template on teal felt. Using a pen, draw around template. Cut out shape and repeat for second teal piece. Set aside.

Place template on sticky orange felt and lay strips of tape overlapping the template.

*Taping the circles will help when tracing the details and make it easier to cut the felt.

Use a sharp craft knife to carefully cut out the smaller pieces of the template first. Starting with the eyes and working down towards mouth.

Once the smaller pieces have been cut out, cut face out of the template with scissors.

Peal adhesive packing off and center on a teal circle.

Flip circle over and lay a line of hot glue along the edges, make sure you leave a large opening at the top to create a pouch. Place and center second teal circle over the hot glue to create the pouch.

Allow to cool for several minutes. Repeat instructions with additional templates if you want.

Fill with allergy free candies.

I grabbed the following:

  • Rock Candy
  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Smarties
  • Candy Corn

Happy Crafting Everyone! Hope you have a wonderful spooky season!

*Our candy pouch DIY’s were first inspired by Disney Parks Candy Pouch Tutorial. Click the link to see the original.

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