Frozone’s Key Lime Pie Pop

Disney's Key Lime Pie on a Stick

Inspired by Disney’s new treat at Hollywood Studio’s Neighborhood Bakery, I recreated a  summer time treat with a sweet twist! They turned out INCREDIBLE! *pun intended* We loved the dance of flavors from the tart Key Lime and sweet white chocolate. It’s so refreshing! It would be perfect for a Summer time snack. It’s pretty […]

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Incredibles 2 Premier Party

We have been waiting 14 years for the Parr family to come back into our lives. Incredibles 2 did not disappoint, and may I say…even better than the first! Full of fun and laughter!   In this new movie, The Incredibles have to face another dangerous villain while juggling their new lives. Helen rocks saving […]

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Incredible Cookie Num Nums

This recipe was inspired by Jack Jack’s Cookie Num Nums. It’s my tried and true recipe and will calm any baby, no matter the size, with one bite! Or at least it works for my two year old and my younger brothers. This is a cookie sandwich recipe, but these chewy cookies are delicious on […]

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